Our Cause began through the unbearable grief of loss by his grandmother Kim Jacinto. It is her Mission to put an end to the needless and tragic drowning of children, and the unbearable grief of losing a beloved child.

Kim and Jesse are on a mission to save precious lives by hosting future events with all proceeds going to assist in funding for swimming lessons for children. The swimming lessons will be conducted in facilities such as the YMCA and other Swimming facilities within Texas. Kim and Jesse have further plans to teach private lessons at their home.

All swimming lessons, private or sponsored through another facility, will teach basic survival skills that are necessary for children to know should they ever get into a life or death situation involving water.

Kim is committed to sharing her story with friends and strangers while working for drowning prevention and safety of children for the rest of her life.

“As you teach your kids to ride a bike, wear seat belts in cars, and to cross the street, you must also teach them about the water dangers within your own home and neighborhood. And you must be Water Aware because Water Knowledge & Prevention is KEY!” Kim Jacinto.

Jesse & Kim have been CPR certified since 02.27.11 and WSI Certified since 06.04.11.