Bryan’s Cause Foundation is committed to promoting child safety through public awareness and education in the prevention of accidental drowning.

We have made it our priority to: 

  • Promote public awareness by educating children and parents on the dangers of water. Click here to view drowning statistics for the State of Texas.
  • Hold educational classes throughout the year to educate children, parents, parents-to-
    be, grandparents, and any others who may be watching a child around water. 
  • Stay in communication and to partner with local, regional, and national organizations as 
    well as policy makers who will help us promote child safety legislation. 
    Click here to visit one of our valuable resource links.
  • Offer financial assistance for swimming lessons. 
  • Help secure counseling services for the loss of a child through drowning. The Compassionate Friends is a great organization in assisting with grief counseling.
  • Be a support system for those who have lost a child. 
  • Promote “The Designated Child Watcher Program”.  This program designates a responsible 
    person to watch over children while in or around the water.

Water Knowledge & Prevention is KEY!