In August 2009, Bryan Boykin, age 2 ½ years old drowned in a neighbor’s pool. Earlier that day Bryan had been swimming with his young Aunt and Uncle at a friend’s (neighbors) house. Around lunch time the Aunt had decided to go home to grab a bite to eat. Bryan, being the fun spirited boy he was, remembered how much fun he had with all the kids, the laughter, and all the excitement at the pool.  After finishing his lunch he wanted to go back to play. Everyone there thought Bryan was still at the dining room table.

However, unknown to any of the household where Bryan was currently visiting, that he had jumped down, and out the door he went.
I, Kim Jacinto, Bryan’s maternal nana was in my bedroom getting ready to take a shower, when the door-bell rang. By the sounds of the ringing it was Urgent so I open it only to find out that Bryan was missing.
Without giving it a second thought, I dropped everything and ran out to my truck rolling down all windows, and screaming at the top of my lungs “Bryan, Come to Nana”. After passing the house where he had earlier been swimming, then heard someone yell “He’s in the Pool.” I attempted CPR, breathing air into his precious lungs as if it was my last breath.  Then the paramedics arrived and took over, but it was already too late.  This is the day my life changed forever!
Mourning profoundly, and with such a loss words cannot describe, I found myself compelled to educate as many people as possible by sharing the dangers of water so that this doesn't happen to another family.  No family should have to deal with the loss of a precious child due to drowning.

I love and miss our Bryan so much every day. But every day I work toward preventing this from happening to anyone else.

Bryan’s entire family hopes and prays that through Bryan’s Cause we are able to share in the Awareness and “Save Precious Lives”.