Every year, some 1,000 children drown in the United States. For every one child who drowns, 4 or more nearly drown - of which 3 are seriously injured many with permanent brain damage. It’s our goal to put an end to this tragedy. “Drowning IS Preventable”…

Please help us by completing this short survey to help make this happen and knowing where we should focus on taking these steps toward our goal. Thank you for your Support!

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How many children and adults reside in your household?
What are the ages of the children in your household?
How many children and adults in the household know how to swim?
If anyone in your household was ever in a drowning situation, would they know what steps to take to save themselves?
Does your residence have a pool or landscaping pond on the premises?
Do you have Water Safety Practices with those living in your household?
Do you think Swim lessons are important?
Would you enroll your infants and children in swim lessons taught by a professional?
What is the reason you would NOT enroll your infants and children in swim lessons taught by a professional?
When boating or at the lake, do you require everyone to wear a life vest while on the boat or in the water or around the water?
Has anyone ever shown you how to properly wear and/or adjust a life vest for infants, children and/or adults?
Do you or anyone in your household know CPR?
Would you be interested in information about how to become CPR certified?
Have you ever lost anyone to a drowning?
Do you know anyone who has lost someone to a drowning?
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